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We know what games people like to play, young and old, male and female, desktop and mobile. Our catalog holds 2000 games, localized in 16 languages. We're offering our games for anyone to publish. Use the easy options to find a game, publish it on your site and start making money: all in a matter of seconds.

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How it works

1. Engage your audience

  • engage your audience with great free games that increases time spend and retention on your site
  • extensive catalog of 2000 of the best casual gaming content directly in your browser on your site
  • new game content every day
  • full cross platform game experience because of extensive html5 and flash portfolio

2. Easy and simple to integrate

  • easy to integrate in any site or platform
  • select your own games from our content catalog targeting your desired demographic
  • select your territory and we have the high quality localized games to match
  • hands free solution; our content feeds are updated automatically with the latest games

3. Make money

  • monetize our games with your own platform advertising
  • join our affiliation program where we serve high quality ingame advertising and share it back with you
  • optimise engagement and revenues through reporting & analytics
  • We safeguard user experience through A/B testing

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